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Welcome to US Aircraft Corporation, home of the A-67. As an active corporation in the aerospace and defense industry we pride ourselves in building credible and experienced teams to solve problems within military markets. President Raymond F. Williams founded the corporation in 2004 after establishing an advisory team of experienced retired Air Force personnel. He has since then expanded the team with the addition of top university and federal researchers within the Aerospace Industry. It is with the field knowledge of the Air Force personnel, research expertise of our university and federal labs, and the identified need within the military markets that makes the A-67 the next viable asset for military combat support. As you move through our website you will see the expertise, credibility and applicability that the A-67 brings to an ever-changing world.


News Release : Iraqi COIN

The US Air Force is taking the lead in the search for a suitable platform to perform Counter Insurgency and ISR missions for the Iraqi Air Force.

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